If you have a New York move coming up soon, you may be considering moving yourself, which is excellent option provided you do a little research and planning. Moving yourself allows you to control your timeline, and it can save you money, but there can be a downside, including risk of injury if you fail to plan properly. So, before you take on the challenge, here are some tips that even professional movers use, to help make your move a success.

  • Know Thyself – Do you have the time, the manpower, and, above all, not a ton of stuff to move?  If you answered yes, then moving yourself is for you.  If you replied no, know that moving yourself isn’t out of the question, and it means more project management that may not necessarily take more time; it just takes time keeping track of the whole process, including keeping an inventory of your household goods, getting packing supplies, doing the packing, renting a truck or a storage unit if needed, and then doing the lifting and moving. Only you know if you are up for all that.
  • Know How – If you are going to move yourself, act like a professional mover, and that starts with having the right tools on hand.  From boxes to tape, to moving blankets and furniture straps, to ramps and dollies, it will make moving so much easier.  Learn the correct method to lifting heavy and bulky furniture—don’t lift from a standing position, do not lock your knees, and pulling is more effective than pushing.  Know proper loading techniques like leaving no dead space in the truck (items will shift, and can fall and break) and load the heaviest items in the truck first.
  • Know the Competition – Call local moving companies and learn about what it takes for them to do your move.  You may find you can hire them to do parts of it that you can’t or don’t want to, and it can be very cost-effective.

 Moving Yourself

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