Moving heavy furniture can be a challenge that often requires as much brain power as it does brawn. Make a wrong move and not only is your back out of whack for weeks, chances are you probably caused damage to your favorite piece. Whether your move is across New York or across the street, when it comes to taking heavy and bulky furniture with you it requires planning, a little technique, and the right tools to get the job done and done right.

Bulky Furniture

Here are three tips to consider when moving your favorite piece of furniture:

  • Have the Right Supplies – Furniture sliders help you slide furniture across carpets, tile, or other flooring; moving blankets wrapped around the furniture keep it from getting scratched and dented; and moving straps help you lift heavy furniture around corners and up and down stairs.
  • Have a Plan – Take the time to strategize your route out of one home and into the other.  Take note of staircases, uneven surfaces, sharp turns and narrow passages.  Measure the furniture and the width of the hallways to make sure it can fit, and know how much of the furniture you can disassemble if you need to get it to fit. 
  • Have a Good Grip – Understand how to use your body to help you move the furniture, including the proper way to lift and carry.  Use your back, not your legs, push don’t pull, and bend from the knees and not your waist. The more you know, the less likely you will be to get injured.

While moving furniture on your own sounds like a good way to save money when moving, consider calling professional movers to save yourself from aches and pains, and your favorite piece of furniture from scratches and damage.  Call Moves LLC at 212-695-0200 today to get a quote on moving. Your body will thank you later.