Spring cleaning before you move sounds like a crazy concept, but if you take a moment to think about it … well, it’s actually genius. Consider what spring cleaning is all about; it’s a time to scrub and cleanse the home inside and out, giving you ample opportunity to examine all your household items and begin to purge, and that can save you time and money if you are going to make a residential move in the New York City area.

If your plans include making a move this spring or summer, you are not alone; it’s peak moving time, so spring cleaning is a great way to make your house stand out and help you get organized:

  • Done right, spring cleaning will make your house spotless – a coveted feature for potential buyers.
  • Take the time to go room to room; it will help you re-evaluate your furniture: what’s scratched, what has sentimental value, and how each piece will look in your new home. Weeding out some items means less to move – a cost-effective option.
  • Less furniture and bulk in a room will make it look larger: a great added benefit.
  • Start packing while you are cleaning.  Take the time to not only have the right cleaning supplies, have some boxes or storage containers to put items in that you know for sure you don’t need, but will want in your new place.

Residential move

Admittedly, spring cleaning is not the most fun you will ever have, but, if you are moving, it’s a great way to multi-task your “to-do” list, and you can consider it the first step in getting ready to move to your new home. Once that’s done, call Moves LLC at 212-695-0200 to get an estimate on a full service move and find out the many ways we can help – spring cleaning not included.