It’s been said that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life; now, try doing it in New York City with toddlers, and … well, you get the point. Like anything with kids, the only way forward is to take a deep breath, plan, strategize, and summon all your energy, both physical and creative, and turn moving into a well-organized adventure that makes everyone happy.  Here’s how:

  • Speak their language – Explain the concept of moving to them in ways they understand, like in a story form, or create a simple picture book, or use their toy cars and doll houses as you show them leaving one place for another.  Keep it simple; they don’t need to know why you are moving, only that you are going with them and everything will be okay.
  • Let them help – Have them help pack up their books and toys, as well as some of your things, so they understand that the whole family is going, not just them.  Let them decorate the boxes with stickers or crayons that hold their belongings. Make a game of letting them find the boxes when you get to the new place.
  • Wave goodbye and hello – On moving day, when the last boxed is packed, go room to room with your child and say goodbye.  Remind them of something that happened to them in each room, like “This is where you learned to walk,” and then discuss what new and exciting things they will do in their new home. 

Go easy on yourself.  The stress level will be high, so don’t bother fighting it. Ask for help from friends and family to take the kids out for a day, get some of the big packing done during nap time, and allow yourself to soak in the excitement and emotions of going from one place to another. Moves LLC’s friendly and professional staff can help with more tips, so call us today at 212-695-0200.

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