In a perfect world you could choose to move whenever you wanted, but we all know that’s not how it works. Sometimes you have to move in less than ideal conditions, like when the dead of winter is upon us and you barely want to venture out, let alone move. After the winter New York City had last year, no wonder there is trepidation in your heart, but, rest assured, it can be done with a few tricks of the trade and a good moving company.

Watch Where You Step – Whether inside or outside, make sure there is a clear path. Shovel any snow that might be on the walkway or driveway, and throw out salt for an added layer of protection. Inside, make sure all hallways and staircases are dry to prevent anyone from falling or slipping. Keep old towels on hand for quick clean up of any water or snow that is tracked in.

Bring in the Professionals – The winter is the best time to hire a moving company; often they have more availability and sometimes lower rates. They also know how to navigate moving furniture and other bulky items when there is snow and ice on the ground, which will keep you and your household goods safe.

Other suggestions to help with your winter move are to make sure you have plenty of hot and cold drinks on hand, and to dress in layers. Moving is hard work and, as the day progresses, you may start to notice you won’t feel the cold as much. If you live in Manhattan, scope out the numerous parking restriction signs, especially those pertaining to alternate side of the street parking or for street cleaning. A hefty fine will not make for a good send off. Or, better yet, call MOVES LLC at 212-695-0200 to learn more about how they can be the solution to your winter move.