Benjamin Franklin once said “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” Then why is it one of the hardest things for us to do, and the and easiest to put off? When it comes to residential moving, being organized will be one of the best things you can do. Not only will your move go smoothly, you’ll apparently find more time in your day – just ask Ben.

Some tips to consider for an organized move:

Start Early – Whether you are moving just yourself or your whole family, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to moving, and you can never start too soon. The day you find out you need to move, begin researching where you are going, and call moving companies to learn about your options.

Inventory – Go through every room in your house and decide what you are taking, what you are getting rid of, and what you are giving away. Purging as much as you can means you will have to move fewer things. You will also know if any of your belongings require special care, and you can give those instructions to the movers.

Create a Moving Binder – An app on your phone is just not going to cut it. There is a ton of paperwork associated with moving, and this is the time to go “old school,” with a pen, paper, and binder to stay organized, and to have everything all in one place. Divide the binder into sections, from movers, to utilities, to receipts, to miscellaneous; use dividers that have pockets for easy storage; and have a three-hole punch handy to add any additional papers.

Check with Building Management – It is imperative that you check with the building you are moving out of and the building that you are moving into to determine if they require that your moving company must provide them with a Certificate of Insurance. Most apartment buildings in NYC do and If so, then your moving company can start the process and forward your building the certificate ASAP. The last thing you want is for your moving company to arrive at the building you are moving out of or in to and the required Insurance Certificate is not on file. Rush requests on the day of your move will delay your move and therefore cost you money as well as a headache.

Moving can be hard, but staying organized can definitely make it easier. If you are moving in the New York City area, call Moves LLC at 212-695-0200 to learn how we can help you have a quality and efficient move.