Your move is coming up, and you are feeling pretty good about how organized you are. You have purged yourself of unwanted items, ordered all the boxes and tape, and gone over all the final details with the moving company, but you have that nagging feeling you overlooked something, and you are probably right.

Whether you are moving from one side of New York City to another, or across the country, here are five things easily forgotten. Here’s a checklist to help you remember:

Cancel It – Gym memberships, weekly dry cleaning, newspaper delivery—any services tied to your credit card need to get canceled. Paying for someone else’s dry cleaning is nice once, but not long term.

Collect It – All spare or borrowed items, especially keys to the house. Does your neighbor, the pet sitter, or the cleaning lady have a spare key? Now is the time to collect them and leave them for the new owner or the super. It’s also a good time to return anything you borrowed from a neighbor or that they borrowed from you—except maybe that cup of sugar.

Forward It – Even though we all rely on email, texts, and online banking, let’s face it: We all go to the mailbox every day, hoping for letters, but getting bills that need to be paid; so, make sure you let the post office know where to send your mail.

Turn It Off, Turn It On – Cable, electric, phone, gas, and any other utilities need to get turned off before you leave your current home, and turned on before you enter your new place. Trying to move in the dark is not an experience you want to have.

Bury It? – Don’t forget to do a thorough sweep of all the hiding places in your home. Check the loose floorboards, the shelf in the closet that no one knows about, or that space behind the built-in cabinet. There may be something you hid in there that you may have forgotten. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure; don’t let yours get left behind.

No matter how many times you have moved, it’s so easy to forget something, so print out this list and call Moves LLC at 212-695-0200 to learn more about our services and other ways we can help you remember everything you need to have a great move.