Moving can quickly turn stressful, especially if you are attempting to complete the move on your own, without any professional help. There are numerous advantages gained by hiring a professional and experienced moving company in New York, as follows:

  • Professional Packing Services – If you hate packing, include this optional service as part of your move.
  • Prevents Personal Injuries – You do not have to worry about hurting your back, getting sore muscles, or suffering other body aches and pains common with DIY moves.
  • Optional Mini Storage in NYC – If you need to temporarily store some or all of your belongings, your movers will happily assist with moving and storing your belongings.
  • Impeccable Customer Service – Your movers will do everything they can to ensure your items are well-packed and protected, and that they arrive safely at your new home. Plus, they are friendly and help making your moving day fun and exciting.
  • Honest Estimates – Moving estimates are itemized to your specifications and do not contain any hidden charges. You have a clear understanding of exactly how much your move is going to cost.
  • Access to Packing Supplies – If you choose to pack on your own, your mover can supply you with all the boxes and packing supplies you require.
  • Access to Moving Equipment – Your mover has the right dollies, furniture pads, and other equipment on hand to pack the moving truck efficiently and correctly.
  • Disposal, Unpacking & Removal of Packing Supplies – If you need to dispose of furniture that you do not want to bring with you to your new home your moving company may provide this service for a fee. Just inform them of your need prior to the move date. You also may not want to unpack all of your boxes and how will you dispose of all of those used packing supplies when the movers have left. For an additional fee your moving company should be able to come back and take all of your used supplies off your hands so that you no longer have the headache of determining how to get rid of them.

The next time you are getting ready to move, consider taking advantage of the benefits gained by hiring an experienced and professional moving company in NYC, like Moves LLC. Call 212-695-0200 now for a free estimate.