Moving during the wintertime can provide you with some great deals on New York City moving companies and rental rates. Most people move between May and September, so winter is the off-season for moving. Review the following tips to ensure your move goes off without any problems.

  1. Hire a professional mover. Professional movers are licensed and insured, plus they give the option to take out additional insurance coverage to protect your items while they are in transit to your new home. In addition, they take care of all the lifting, loading, and unloading, while you get to remain indoors where it is warm.
  2. Monitor the weather and have a backup plan. Keep an eye on the weather as it gets closer to your moving day. Make sure to have a contingency plan in place, like delaying the move for a few days if you get a major blizzard.
  3. Get heat and lights turned on at the new home before moving day. The last thing you want to do is move into your new home and not have any heat or electricity.
  4. Keep winter supplies out. Do not pack shovels, ice-melt, gloves, coats, jackets, etc., and keep these items where you can get to them quickly, should you need them.
  5. Leave pets with a friend or boarding service. While you are moving, take your pets to a friend’s or a boarding service. This way they stay warm and comfortable, plus you do not have to worry about them getting out while boxes are being carried in and out of your old and new homes.

Planning a move during the winter is not difficult. For more tips and suggestions, or to obtain a free moving quote, please feel free to contact Moves LLC today at 212-695-0200.