Moving can be full of pitfalls and mistakes if you are not careful. Here are some of the more common mistakes people have made while moving, provided with the intention that they will help you from making the same ones the next time you move.

  • Trying to save money with a DIY move. Not everyone is cut out for DIY moves, as it requires skill to carefully pack the truck, drive it across town or across the country, and ensure everything arrives undamaged. Instead of breaking your back and saving a few dollars, consider hiring a professional moving company in New York. In the long run, you will come out ahead.
  • Waiting to the last minute to call New Your City moving companies. People who do this are stuck with less experienced movers or temporary workers hired by the moving company. Always try to book your mover at least 3 to 4 months in advance.
  • Forgetting to ask for a written quote. Always get moving quotes in writing that detail all costs, fees, and add-ons, like insurance. Otherwise, you could end up paying much more than you anticipated.
  • Forgetting to purchase moving insurance. The costs for insurance are worth your peace of mind should something go wrong. Just make sure to insure the items for their replacement costs with the right policy.
  • Failing to clean and sort items as they were packed. Some people figure they will go through their items when they unpack in their new home, which never really happens. Instead, they just paid to move items to their new home that they no longer need or want.
  • If you can, ALWAYS try to plan your move to happen prior to the end of the month. This way you will always be able to schedule your move for the best time that suits you and your move will not be affected by the multitude of moves that will undoubtedly be scheduled for your move date.
  • Once you have decided to move, it is imperative that you check with the building you are moving out of and the building that you are moving into to determine if they require that your moving company must provide them with a Certificate of Insurance. Most apartment buildings in NYC do and If so, then your moving company can start the process and forward your building the certificate ASAP. The last thing you want is for your moving company to arrive at the building you are moving out of or in to and the required Insurance Certificate is not on file. Rush requests on the day of your move will delay your move and therefore cost you money as well as a headache.

It is easy to avoid these mistakes with a little planning. Feel free to contact Moves LLC at 212-695-0200 for more moving tips, moving supplies, or to request a free moving quote.