Long distance moves are different from moving across town, like from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Whether you are relocating to the other side of the state, the Pacific Coast, or somewhere in between, there are several things you can do to help prepare for your long distance move.



  1. Create a schedule. Break down tasks, like cleaning, packing, and scheduling a residential moving company in NYC, and record your goals and moving date on a calendar to keep you on track.
  2. Only pack what you need. Go through your belongings and get rid of things you are not going to need or no longer want. For instance, if you are relocating to Southern Florida, you are not going to need heavy winter coats, boots, and clothing. Rather than pack and move these items, donate them to a local charity.
  3. Organize items as you pack. As you are sorting through your belongings, organize your items into things you want to keep, stuff you want to sell, items to donate, and stuff that goes in the trash. It is a good idea to keep these items separated, like the trash pile by the front door, donation items in the dining room, and things to sell in the living room, to keep them from getting mixed up.
  4. Hire a professional packer. If you are busy and need help packing, contact your moving company, as many moving companies in NYC offer professional packing services.

By taking the time to prepare for a long distance move, it will be less stressful. For other tips, moving supplies, or to schedule a local or long distance move, contact Moves LLC today at 212-695-0200.