Moving can be stressful, especially if you have young children and toddlers to take care of while attempting to coordinate your move. Packing can quickly turn into a nightmare as your kids unpack boxes faster than it took you to pack them. Rather than having a meltdown, considering the following tips for a smoother move:

1. Include your kids in the move. Give your children their own boxes and let them pack their own toys, games, and clothes. Granted, the boxes may be disorganized and require some repacking, but they will feel like they are a part of the move.

2. Do not refuse help from friends and relatives. If someone offers to watch your kids while you pack, take them up on it. You would be surprised by how much more you get done when someone else is watching your kids.

3. Hire professional packers from a New York moving company. Professional packers take care of packing everything correctly, according to your requirements, while you take care of your children.

4. Pack up items for donation while your kids are asleep. If your kids see you packing up old toys or clothes for donation that they have long forgotten about or outgrown, chances are they are going to rediscover them and make the process more difficult.

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