Moving requires taking the time to pack correctly, whether you are moving across town or across the country. Not taking the time to carefully organize and pack your belongings can result in broken and damaged items after they arrive at your new home or office. In most cases, New York moving companies are not responsible for damage to your items if you did not pack them correctly.

Use the Correct Size Boxes

Many people tend to second guess what size box they should use, and it results in items getting damaged. Pack heavy items in small boxes. It is better to have 50 small boxes packed correctly, than to have 10 or 15 large ones full of heavy items—and then have the bottoms break open. Medium boxes are great for clothing, and large boxes are perfect for lighter items.

Never Leave Empty Space in Boxes

Fill the boxes completely full. If you are not able to do this, repack the items into a smaller box. When space is left inside the box, items can move around and get damaged. If you do not have a smaller box, fill unused space with bubble wrap, newspapers, and other padding.

Do Not Skimp on Tape

It is better to over-tape boxes around the seams, and then add additional tape completely around the box on the sides for added support.

Label All Boxes

Always write where the box is to be placed after the movers unload it off the moving truck, as well as a brief description of the contents.

Recycle Moving Boxes

Even if you do not have your moving company unpack for you, you can still call the movers after unpacking yourself, and they will remove all unwanted boxes and ensure they are recycled. For additional packing tips or to have your items professionally packed, contact Moves LLC today at 212-695-0200.