Residential or Commercial Moves

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to a new neighborhood in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx or if you are just moving to a different floor in the same building, call us and we can create a comprehensive Moving Plan tailored to your specific needs.

  • We solve moving problems by listening carefully so we can understand all of your moving needs
  • We offer you a binding price
  • We're reliable, friendly and honest
  • We're here to save you money and deliver peace of mind

This is what we do:

1. We listen and create a precise inventoryof your items
Every good move starts with good planning. So we start by creating a complete inventory of everything that needs to be moved whether over the phone or during our Free on-site estimate.

2. We tailor your individual Moving Plan and provide you with an estimated cost
Once we have determined all the details of your move, we'll provide you with a comprehensive moving plan describing the who, what, when, and where - and we’ll provide you with an estimated cost of the move, including supplies, so you won’t be surprised on the day.

  • We’ll pack & wrap everything for you: Many clients prefer to pack themselves and if you do, we can recommend all of the materials you will need and deliver them free of charge to your doorstep. If this is something you would like the professionals to do then we will pack & wrap everything for you. Our experts can wrap and pack significantly faster than you can, which will remove a lot of the stress form your life.

3. We will stay in contact with your building management
Almost every building in Manhattan regulates the use of their elevators and loading docks or has specific insurance requirements. We will reach out to the building management well in advance and make sure that they have everything they need from us so that your move out is a smooth one. (We’ve been in so many buildings regularly so there is a great chance we've been in yours before).

4. We come to you prepared for any last minute change in plans
On your moving day, our moving trucks will arrive with extra boxes in case there's something you forgot to pack. We will also bring blankets to wrap your furniture to give added protection during the move and if you need to dispose of unwanted items we will also be prepared to offer you that service. 

5. Once we arrive the move begins
Our moving team will arrive at your location at the scheduled time and prior to the moving contract being signed our senior foreman will survey your home to give you an estimated time of completion.

      Then we start to: 

  • protect your floors and entryways that may need protection
  • disassemble and wrap / pack items that must be moved in pieces
  • wrap and protect all furniture
  • pack your items which you either requested we pack or items that you did not have time to pack
  • load up the truck

6. We will meet you at your destination
We'll either put your items into your new home exactly where you want them or we will load them into your new storage room at the storage facility of your choice. And we won't leave until you're completely satisfied.

7. Removing your used boxes
If we unpack everything for you then we will cart away your used boxes at a minimal fee. If you would like us to return at a later date to cart away your used boxes we can arrange that also.

8. Need to Free up some space
Many of our clients underestimate how much storage space they will have in their new homes. Fortunately we are the moving affiliate of Chelsea Mini-Storage and we can offer you over 100 different room sizes to store boxes, excess clothing, etc at discounted monthly rates. Plus we’ll pick these items up for FREE.